My name is Annie. I'm a music ed. major. I saxophone. I like Nancy Drew, Gordon Ramsay, Merlin, It's Always Sunny, Doctor Who and a host of others.

28th September 2014

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So what do you like?

Nancy Drew.


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24th September 2014

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I’m just running down the street, having lots of fun
When some smart-butt, thrill seeker yells “run, Forrest, run!”

He giggles to his friends, high fives about the group
And I’m stuck thinking about that stupid piece of poop.

"Run, Forrest, run"? Is it nineteen-ninety-four?
Is that really the best running comment that you have in store?

Our quick, one-sided interaction has me filled with doubt
That anything worth while spills from that person’s spout

This is not just one mere instance of this horrifying sin
But comments such as these are where the crimes truly begin

I’ve been asked “what’s the hurry?”, and “baby, do you need a ride?”
I’ve been hollered at so often I just wish I’d stayed inside

Being yelled at is real scary. Running inside isn’t fun
I’m hoping we can make the world a safer place to run

This little tip I’ll offer you is easy just like pie.
You shouldn’t yell at strangers just because they’re running by

And if you see a runner running, and you think it must be said
Just do the world a favor and please keep it in your head.

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30th April 2014

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21st April 2014

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Dat ass

Dat ass

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21st April 2014

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Who knew Silent Spy could have one of my top terrifying moments in it?

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16th April 2014

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Detective work.

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31st January 2014

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Playing Ghost of Thornton Hall and eating an entire jar of peanut butter with a spoon. Excellent.

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19th January 2014

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No matter what game I’m playing. I find the Nancy Drew in it.

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10th January 2014

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9th January 2014

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The Clue Crew Directory



So i was thinking of making a clue crew directory that maybe we coulld all put on our blogs and itll include like every nancy drew blog so:

Reblog this post if your blog is like 80 percent or more nancy drew :)

And once this hits enough notes ill start makign it and everytime someone reblogs it ill just add them in.

well yeah reblog away :D

Sounds like a good idea!

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