My name is Annie. I'm a music ed. major. I saxophone. I like Nancy Drew, Gordon Ramsay, Merlin, It's Always Sunny, Doctor Who and a host of others.

21st April 2014

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Dat ass

Dat ass

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21st April 2014

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Who knew Silent Spy could have one of my top terrifying moments in it?

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16th April 2014

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Detective work.

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31st January 2014

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Playing Ghost of Thornton Hall and eating an entire jar of peanut butter with a spoon. Excellent.

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19th January 2014

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No matter what game I’m playing. I find the Nancy Drew in it.

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10th January 2014

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9th January 2014

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The Clue Crew Directory



So i was thinking of making a clue crew directory that maybe we coulld all put on our blogs and itll include like every nancy drew blog so:

Reblog this post if your blog is like 80 percent or more nancy drew :)

And once this hits enough notes ill start makign it and everytime someone reblogs it ill just add them in.

well yeah reblog away :D

Sounds like a good idea!

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8th January 2014

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Sorry. We’re closed.

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8th January 2014

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8th January 2014

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I would so watch this show.

I would so watch this show.

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